Fake word Generators: 3 are Amazing

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When I named DigitalTeal, I bet I could’ve sped up the process with a fake word generator. These simple online tools combine words and can create brandable fake words that can then be used to name really anything.

RandomWordGenerator.com’s fake word generator

Randomwordgenerator.com's fake word generator
A screenshot of randomwordgenerator.com‘s fake word generator

RandomWordGenerator.com made a great nonsense word generator that I use the most out of the other items on the list.


  • Great design for a simple online service.
  • You can specify how many results you want.
  • High-quality results.


  • For a nonsense word generator, this site has a lot of ads (just banner ads, no popups).
  • There is a maximum of 50 nonsense words that you can generate at once.

WordGenerator.net’s fake word generator

fake word generator 2

WordGenerator.net has created a pretty good fake word generator that has some of the best generated results compared to the other items on this list.


  • Highest-quality results.
  • Less ads than RandomWordGenerator.com.


  • There is no way to ask for multiple results at once.
  • The design is not as high-quality as RandomWordGenerator.com.
  • While this site has less ads, it seems to have more scam-like “download button” ads than other sites, which makes it seem like a low-quality website.


FelDarkRealms.com stands out from other fake word generators because it has no ads at all


  • No ads at all.
  • A lot more configurable options than any of the other sites on the list.


  • The design is not as high-quality as RandomWordGenerator.com or any of the other
  • There is no way to ask for multiple results.

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