How to Block Facebook Tracking Easily

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Facebook tracks you (no, they don’t go around with spy gear; they’re much more efficient) on Chrome, Firefox, Android, iOS (e.g. iPhone, iPad, etc), and more.

Why? Because advertisers pay Facebook to target ads with this information. If you want to know how to block Facebook tracking, use these instructions to stop Facebook tracking on Chrome, Android, and more.

Fun fact: According to, a marketing tool called Facebook Pixel is able to track you across most of the Internet.

How to block Facebook tracking of off-site activity

There are two ways that Facebook is able to track you off-site:

  • Facebook Pixel
  • Facebook’s SDK

Facebook Pixel is a tool for website owners to help them create custom targeted advertising audiences based on their website visitors, measure how much Facebook Ads lead to purchasing website visitors, and other features that are great for businesses, but not always so great for the consumers who don’t want Facebook to know exactly what they do at every moment of the day.

If you want to know how to block Facebook tracking of what you do off of Facebook, the easiest way is to change a Facebook setting. The “Off-Facebook-Activity” setting can be difficult to find (to make it easier, I’ve put that link there to lead right to it, xP). If you want to find the setting yourself, simply click on the drop-down carrot located at the top right of the desktop version of Facebook. Once you do that, select “Settings” and “Your Facebook Information.” You’ll then find a setting for “Off-Facebook Activity.”

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Here, you’ll find a list of the sites that are sharing information with Facebook. You can clear your off-site history, turn off tracking for specific sites, or disable tracking altogether.

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Important note: If you turn it off, Facebook will still receive information about your activity, but it won’t be associated with you.

How to block Facebook tracking on their WhatsApp and Instagram subsidaries

While I have not finished my research on WhatsApp tracking, I have written an extensive blog post detailing how to block Instagram tracking.

If you would like to learn how to block WhatsApp tracking, this blog post seems to have some useful information on the topic.

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