5 Amazing Real Spy Gadgets

Although he doesn't have any (visible) real spy gear, he does look pretty... spy-like.
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This is a list of some of the most amazing and interesting real spy gadgets that you can buy in real life. This list is limited to electronic spy gadgets, but there are definitely other types of spy gadgets that you can buy if you wanted to do more research.

Some of these have unbelievably high or low prices, because of how much or how little they are used by real detectives, spies, and police.

Disclaimer: While I’ve done my research on these items, and I confirm that they are indeed real spy gadgets, I am in no way a professional on the subject.

Listening amplifiers – $23.99

This amplifying electronic listening spy device is able to record and amplify conversations, which is probably a pretty epic item compared to other real spy gadgets on this list. The seller of this item has given a lot of details on the benefits of the amplifier that make the item sound like a pretty good deal:

1.) Electronic Listening Device with parabolic dish and background noise reduction

2.) Built in volume control

3.) Easy to use, put on headphones and squeeze the button

4.) Investigate noises from far away

5stardealssuperstore, eBay seller. Some typos from the listing description were corrected.

The only catch is that it requires a 9-volt battery, which is not included in the listing, but can be picked up with free shipping for less than $3 for a deal that involves slower shipping originating from a country outside the US. A deal on the same battery (under a different brand) with faster free shipping originating from inside the US and shipping to the US can be picked up for less than $4.

Voice recording pens – $23.74 or less

This listening pen is one of many real spy gadgets and it looks like any other pen.
This voice recording pen is one of many real spy gadgets and it looks like any other pen.

When I saw how cheap a voice recording pen is compared to other real spy gadgets, I was pretty amazed. The seller that I was looking at listed some very helpful feature details to explain why their pen is pretty good, so I think there shouldn’t be much wrong with the listing (and, even if something did go wrong, eBay Money Back Guarantee is there for a reason, right?)

1.) Recording While Writing: This recorder can finish recording while writing, which is very suitable for students, classroom learning, business conversation, conference academic exchanges, etc.

2.) Mini Portable: The recorder has a back clip design, so it is very portable, you can take it to anywhere anytime.

3.) Long Endurance: Built-in 150mAh rechargeable lithium battery, the battery life of the recorder can be up to 13h after one full charge.

4.) Clear recording: This voice recorder uses noise reduction technology, 360-degree surround recording, it can achieve clear recording within 10 meters.

5.) Simple Operation: The operation is very simple and convenient. Just record and save with a single button on the top of pen, improving recording efficiency and recording quality.

6.) Easy File Access: You can directly plug in the headphones for recording playback or connect to the computer via a USB cable to copy the recording files.

priceextrem, eBay seller. Some typos from the listing description were corrected.

Surveillance drones – $38.80 or less

gabriel alenius ge55MULlxug unsplash 1

We’ve all heard of how every kid gets a drone, shreds all the bushes, hits the cat, then the mom has to return the drone to the store because it’s an absolute disaster. But did you know that camera-equipped drones can be used as yet another type of real spy gadgets?

This cheap drone has made an approximate $92,654.40 worth of sales at the time of writing, and there are still plenty of drones left for the sellers to pass on to you.

As with most of the real spy gadgets listed here, the sellers have spent time on writing a detailed description listing the benefits of the product and why it may be one of the best and most efficient real spy gadgets. In my opinion, the sellers here have written a much more concise and useful description that is better-written with less grammatical errors and more useful information.

1.) [HD Pictures and Live Videos]: V9 is equipped with 1080P HD Wi-Fi camera to take better aerial photos and videos; with FPV transmission, you can see the sky from a live video feed through smartphone app.

2.) [Multiple Fun Flights]:V9 is a versatile drone, can perform stunts like 360°flip, circle fly, and high-speed rotation. And you can also draw a path in your app interface, the drone will fly following the path accordingly, which is the newest technology.

3.) [Foldable Design & Double Flight Time]: 3 rechargeable and powerful batteries support up to 30mins, charge and fly longer.

4.) [Easy to Use]:It has a gravity sensor, altitude holds, headless , throw flying function, one key start/landing/return, emergence stop, and 3-speed adjustment, which is the best choice for kids and the beginners.

5.) [Durable and Safe]: Equipped with 4 propeller guards to protect the fuselage in case of collision. The high-quality ABS shell protects the drone in a sudden vibration and falling. This is suitable for beginners, children, hobby users and adults of the drone.

4drctoys, eBay seller. Some typos from the listing description were corrected.

Spy Glasses – $21.99

nordwood themes QRLoULgTE1s unsplash

Spy glasses are glasses with a hidden tiny camera in them that can record video. They’re a very small gadget and are probably quite efficient, according to all the reviewers of the product.

Screenshot 2021 06 19 183641

As with many of the other real spy gadgets listed here, the seller has listed a lot of great features about the item:

1.) This item is 100% new and high quality.

2.) Read the disc to read the function of high-definition digital camera glasses.

3.) Colorful, realistic images, for the effect of natural pure.

4.) Real-time camera function to record a better life.

royalstores2019, eBay seller. Some typos from the listing description were corrected.

Mini Camera – $27.49

c d x 5qT09yIbROk unsplash

A mini camera is a tiny camera and another of the smallest real spy gadgets that can record video that you can then access via your smartphone.

According to my calculations of the feedback that eBay lists publicly, over 85.45% of buyers reported being happy with their order of a mini camera.


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